Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avacado. A wonderful healthy fat. How do I pick a good one and store it properly to get the most from my purchase?

If you like avocados, yet are concerned about not eating them before they get too ripe or go bad. Or maybe you are not sure how to store or cut them. Here are 2 videos you might find helpful for dorm or apartment living.  (Salsa and guac party anyone?)

Avocado's are great on their own, in a sandwich and so many other wonderful ways.

The first video is about storing it with onions. Notice he stores the half with the pit. 

Some people also use a lemon or sprinkle the remaining avocado with lemon juice to keep the color fresh.

This second video takes you through choosing, speeding and slowing the ripening process as well as slicing and longer term storing suggestions.



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