Food Sensitivities? allergies? Restrictions? What does UMD offer you?

Last update Monday, November 2012 
complete and up-to-date available food list in progress.

Burger Hub
**Need to order gluten free items specifically. There is a small additional charge to cover higher cost of gluten free bread products
  • Gluten free multi-grain bread
  • Gluten Free hamburger bun
  • CAUTION!! - Regular hamburger patties contain gluten!! 
    SOLUTION - You can get GRASS FED patties by specifically ordering them with your gluten free bun at the burger hub. 
    • To get your burger completely gluten free
      • You MUST ask for "grass fed hamburger patty" specifically
      • You must ask for a gluten free bun
      • They will make these on the center court grill. This will take longer if it is not center court hours so please be prepared to wait 5-10 or so more minutes to get your burger.  We are very sorry but this is the only way we can create the maximum assurance it will reach you as gluten free as possible.
  • ANYONE can get a GRASS FED burger patty in the burger hub... you just have to ask for it. 

Taste of Italia
  • Gluten free pizza crust
  • Chicken wings can also be made gluten free. Limited sauces

Salad Bar
  • Gluten free roll option
  • The salad bar is a great option for most diets, vegetarian, paleolithic, DASH,  food restrictions, sensitivities, etc. The salads are made to order. (Check dressing ingredients. Check with manager for packaged alternatives if needed.)  Oil and vinegar is also available.
  • Salad dressings for salad bar are all gluten free. 
  • Ceasar dressing contains anchovies.  

Grab and Go
  • Gluten free flavored popcorn
  • Offer options such as hard boiled eggs, prepackaged salads,sandwiches, yogurt, soups and other items.
  • Gluten free flavored popcorn
  • Taco bowls - CONTAIN GLUTEN

  • Local grass fed beef patties - This is the only location as of writing these are served
  • Gluten free bread option upon request
  • Restaurant style
  • more options and choices.
  • Cook to order

DINING CENTER - open to everyone.  All students, staff and faculty welcome!
  • All you can eat salad bar
  • Gluten free bread and sandwich meat options
  • Sun butter (A peanut free option)
  • Hummus (A dairy free option for dip or sandwich spread)
  • **Feisty Feta is not a hummus and contains dairy** 
  • A flexible option for various diets, food restrictions and food sensitivities.
  • 100 % beef hamburger patties. (Confirm with manager) 
  • Cook to order options for stir fry 
  • A plain chicken breast can be ordered

BOOK STORE - Street Level
  • Various snack bars - some healthier options with gluten free, dairy free, etc. ingredients
  • Frozen meals - Vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc.  Check packaging as they are labeled only on packages or by reading ingredients.

  • Serving Peace Coffee - local processing and fair trade
  • Local cookies - Positively 3rd Street Bakery - gluten free options
  • Locally made muffins - vegan options
  • Northern Shores puts great efforts in to using companies that use REAL ingredients - real bananas instead of banana flavoring
  • Sun flower butter (peanut free) and hummus (dairy free) options for bagel spreads
  • **The sun flower butter in the coffee shop are individual packages for those with severe peanut allergies
  •  "Bio Bar" - A raw food, plant based nutrition source offering high amounts of fiber, protein and a low glycemic load.
  • Soy alternative for coffee drinks
  • Fruit Smoothies - 100% crushed fruit smoothie is free of dairy (both lactose and casien free), preservative, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and added sugar. (they taste fantastic)
  • You can add a yogurt base for added fiber, protein, pro biotic and pre biotic.  This is lactose free but NOT casein free
  • Coffee drink bases are lactose free but not casein free or fully dairy free
  • Blended coffee drink bases and Ginger Spiced Chai mix are also "clean label"/no additives and no preservatives.

Please ask to speak to a manager if you have any questions about food ingredients, preparation, etc. while dining at UMD.

If you have any specific questions or concerns please email Judy at and she will direct your question appropriately.