Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UMD's SSS Discussing the Relationship of Spirituality and Food presentation in the Community Tuesday

 If you happen to have an interest in food and spirituality then this might be a great event for you!
A relatively new student group on the UMD campus,
SSS - Students Seeking Spirituality,

is taking their presentation on the relationship between food and spirituality off campus to speak to a community based Food Education Group on Tuesday Feb 12th.

They gave you a taste of this presentation at UMD's FOOD DAY last year. Join us to take part in the full discussion .
Here's their synopsis... 

Nahom Abegaze and Jeff Pollari will be addressing the sacred relationship between spirituality and food. They plan to draw from personal experience, as well as relevant literature derived from a variety of disciplines, to highlight particularly spiritual practices regarding planting, harvesting, preparing, and consuming native foods.

Also, they will highlight particular lessons that they learned while participating in a local gardening initiative at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Additional information is sure to emerge through dialogue and will potentially highlight findings regarding water, its flouridization and corresponding adverse effects. These students are also avid spiritualists and will entertain additional questions and/or discussions regarding other spiritual concepts and ideas.

We invite you...
Tuesday February 12, 2013
at the Marshall Professional Building at 1301 Rice Lake Road in the main meeting room as you enter and to the right.
(Enter main entrance left of Sylvan Learning Center)
Contact Judy at if you have any questions

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