Sunday, February 24, 2013

Remember - Portion Distortion Wednesday 5-6 in the D.C. with Jean

Don't forget...
Wednesday evenings with a meal purchase in the D.C. you can have dinner with the Nutritionist Jean Rodvold.

PORTION DISTORTION is the topic for this Wednesday February 27th.
(Other topics and questions are also very welcome.)

A great topic!
Portions sizes can be a little confusing.
It is easy to think that, when you eat at a restaurant for example, that they might be giving you an appropriate portion size.  That is rarely the case.

In the Dining Center you serve yourself in many of the areas and are free to choose.  Portion size knowledge can be a great guide helping you to know what you are putting on your plate allowing you to make the best choice for you in a state of awareness.

Happy chatting and chowing!
Judy B.

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