Sunday, February 17, 2013

SPREAKER Wed- Dr. Jocelyn Zentz - Tips from a Naturopathic Physician

Join SHAC in welcoming Dr. Jocelyn Zentz
"Tips from a Naturopathic Physician" 
A wonderful opportunity to open your world to a Naturopathic perspective on health.

Find out exactly what it means to be a Naturopathic Physician. 

Jocelyn is an amazing wealth of knowledge and I truly believe you will leave smarter than when you walk in. - Judy B.

DATE -Wednesday February 20, 2013

TIME - 10-11am

LOCATION - KSC 355-357
(If you are standing facing the Ballroom entrance by the Rafters - look to your right and a little ways down you will see a skinny hallway going off to the left off main hall. The room is in that hallway.)

Jocelyn Zentz N.D. graduated from John Bastyr University in 2005 with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Following graduation she spent time practicing in the Seattle area, where she worked at Pharmaca - Integrative Pharmacy as a practitioner, as a primary care provider in her own practice, in a Gastrointestinal clinic, and alongside a Rheumatologist. She returned to Duluth to serve the needs of the local population in 2008, with the vision of increasing the availability, affordability, and awareness of Naturopathic Medicine.  Since opening her practice in Duluth, Jocelyn has worked with a Compounding Pharmacist, and has studied the use of bio-identical hormone replacement, as well as assisting many patients on their path to wellness.

Jocelyn is registered as a Primary Care Provider through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Jocelyn is originally from Minnesota, and was born in Bemidji. She spent many summer months of her life on the shores of Lake Superior. She was drawn back to the area by friends, family, the Lake, and a sense of need in the community for alternatives to conventional care. 

Keep an eye out for posters, communication in Bulldog Update and the UMD calendar for other workshops in this series about food, health and beyond. 
Or, Email Judy B. to request details and reminders the week of the workshop. 

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