Monday, November 25, 2013

EVENT - A Food Happening! Tues Dec 3rd

Students, faculty, and staff come to a

“A Food Happening”

Bringing together people who love food and want to talk about it!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Griggs Center
2:30-4:30 PM (come when you can)
Snacks provided


·         Presenting results of UMD Food Trends Survey by senior Health Education Major, Judy Breuer  (3 PM)

·         Announcing new name for B. A. Sc. Degree in health education – now B. A. Sc. Degree in Public Health Education and Promotion

·         Gathering of groups representing food communities of UMD 
  • Connect with UMD staff and student groups that have interest in all things food.
  • Page through the Dorm Good Food Cookbook.
  • Discover how you can join the new student group BULLDOGS LIKE GOOD FOOD!
  • Talk to members of our food committee on campus.
  • UMD has student health coaches. HERO
  • Jean Rodvold, our dietitian, will be there along with Chef Tom Linderholm from Dining Services to provide exciting taste opportunities.
  • GnarFoodz
  • UMD Edible Landscape Gardens
  • And more...
  • And, of course there is snack enjoyment!

Come, eat, talk, connect!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Soiree of Seasons - A great success and celebration

Baby plants for the farm.
Wednesday November 13th a celebration honoring, celebrating and creating awareness around the UMD farm was held at Sacred Heart.  A beautiful space for an amazing event.

UMD's Dining Services have been using local produce from the UMD Food Farm... along with other local farms.... for the past few years.

"In 2011, UMD Food Services served 3,000 pounds of produce from the UMD farm. That number increased to 4,400 pounds in 2012 and this year’s number has more than doubled: 11,000 pounds have been delivered to UMD so far this year."

below are pictures from the event. Check them out!
Much of the food served was from the farm and was DELICIOUS!

Pumplin Soup. - delicious soup and stunning soup bowls!

UMD Chef Tom Linderholm
beside his AMAZING creations


UMD Food Farm Fresh Veggies!

Great turnout, conversations and connections

Need a holiday gift?
The SAP t-shirts  - Clever unique design
Proudly wear your support
For details

Did you know SAP has their own Media Productions?

And... WHO took best dressed for the evening?
You were undoubtedly looking pretty snazzy Lino... however..

You have to admit...
The fella on the right took the cake!

David Johnson, Evan Timmerman, Kendra Larson, and Ryan Lunen - Entomology Club at UMD
And Mr. Scare Crow, of course.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DORM GOOD FOOD - Student created cookbook fundraiser - Order today!


A collaboration of students and staff from UMD and St. Scholastica

A student cookbook is finally here!
Dorm Good Food is a student cookbook that gives countless recipes that are easily made with appliances found in a dorm room. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, salads, or snacks.

This 100-page cookbook is only $10 for students and $15 for nonstudents.

A great thing about this cookbook is $6 of every cookbook sold is going to help the Hartley Nature Center build gardens! Hartley is planning to put in plants that change with the seasons and that can be harvested an interacted with by kids and the community. The mission of the Hartley Nature Center is: “The Hartley Nature Center is dedicated to inspiring lifelong connections with nature through education, play, and exploration". Hartley is an important part of our community and our goal is to raise $1,000 to give Hartley their foundation for all the plants to grow in! However, we would love to go beyond that, here are some other goals:

            $5,000: pathways/borders for the gardens
            $4,000: Shade perennials
            $500: Gardening tools, gloves, etc. for kids to use

Please help us in this great cause and get an invaluable cookbook! If you are interested in purchasing the cookbook or if you have more questions, please send us an email at Once ordered the cookbooks should take only a week to get in!

OR come to A FOOD HAPPENING on Tuesday Dec. 3rd between 2:30-4:30 in Griggs and check it out live and in living color.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toaster Triumph! NEW - Gluten Free Friendly Toaster in D.C. - Just ask 'em for it!
Gluten Friendly Toaster upon request in the Dining Center.

Thank You Jean Rodvold!! (Our on-site, here to assist students and staff dietitian.)

Want your gluten free bread toasty warm but aren't able to use the regular toaster due to cross contamination??

Happy GF toaster = Happy GF you! :)

First of all, hats off to you for you for recognizing and sticking to your food need boundaries and taking care of yourself... as frustrating as that can feel at times.

But, NOW there is a solution to the empty trembling desire for toasted  fulfillment in your morning! A gluten free toaster triumph of sorts if you will!

Jean has put a gluten free bread toaster in the D.C. for your toasting pleasure.   All you have to do is ask!  It is kept in a safe and secure place to save it from the threat of the accidental intrusion of wheat crumbs. Ask them to take you there!

NOTE - If you ask a staff member and they are new or unaware of the toaster please ask them to get a manager to assist you. They are there to assist you and your food needs.

(Remember.. the D.C. is a faculty friendly dining option at UMD.)