Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Soiree of Seasons - A great success and celebration

Baby plants for the farm.
Wednesday November 13th a celebration honoring, celebrating and creating awareness around the UMD farm was held at Sacred Heart.  A beautiful space for an amazing event.

UMD's Dining Services have been using local produce from the UMD Food Farm... along with other local farms.... for the past few years.

"In 2011, UMD Food Services served 3,000 pounds of produce from the UMD farm. That number increased to 4,400 pounds in 2012 and this year’s number has more than doubled: 11,000 pounds have been delivered to UMD so far this year."

below are pictures from the event. Check them out!
Much of the food served was from the farm and was DELICIOUS!

Pumplin Soup. - delicious soup and stunning soup bowls!

UMD Chef Tom Linderholm
beside his AMAZING creations


UMD Food Farm Fresh Veggies!

Great turnout, conversations and connections

Need a holiday gift?
The SAP t-shirts  - Clever unique design
Proudly wear your support
For details

Did you know SAP has their own Media Productions?

And... WHO took best dressed for the evening?
You were undoubtedly looking pretty snazzy Lino... however..

You have to admit...
The fella on the right took the cake!

David Johnson, Evan Timmerman, Kendra Larson, and Ryan Lunen - Entomology Club at UMD
And Mr. Scare Crow, of course.

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  1. What a beautiful and mouth watering event. I really admire guilt-free cuisine, and by guilt free I mean no health-risk foods. One day, I would like to create a menu that can help patients who're undergoing holistic treatments for cancer. But until then, I better research more on healthy cuisines. I hope you post more post more inspiring topics. Keep up the good work!


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