Friday, October 5, 2012

FOOD DAY at UMD - Event list

The Official FOOD DAY is October 24th. UMD however has done even better and given us events all month long.
Check out this link for the events at UMD and in the area.
What IS FOOD DAY you ask? They are listed on the link above but here they are.

What is Food Day?
Food day is: Healthy + Sustainable + Affordable + Fair

Food Day Goals
  • Food day works to promote safer, healthier diets
  • Support sustainable and organic farms
  • Reduce hunger
  • Reform factory farms to protect the environment and animals
  • Support fair working conditions for food and farm workers
There are some amazing events.
Apple Orchard Expo
Workshops and cooking demos
Viewing of FRESH, the movie
Dr. Kuross (Click for Video from local news story) from Essentia Health is speaking at UMD
Events helping support people finding their way to making big or small changes towards their eating goals.
Check out the event list here.

Please join us for any or all of these fantastic events.
Happy food day-month!

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