Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WIN a Tshirt and Water Bottle. It is VERY Easy! Come to the health fair Dec 5th from 11-2

Enter a drawing for a reusable water bottle and a UMD sustainability T-Shirt.
Find us at the Health Fair Wednesday December 5th between 11-2
Fill out a short survey about water and enter to win!

Thursday we'll be showing TAPPED  a movie about the water bottle industry. at 6pm in the ballroom.

This is a great chance for you to learn and share your thoughts about...
- water filling stations in the dorms.  (Would you like to avoid those midnight runs in your jammies to grab some H2O?   Save a little money on bottled water?  Gain storage space under your bed?)
- bottled water om the UMD campus
- Your ideas and questions about transitioning to less bottled water on campus.)
- First 25 people get a free water bottles. 

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