Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I learned from Shannon at the Co-op's presentation today

Thank you Shannon for your time and information.  As usual, great learning and great fun.

If you missed Shannon's presentation today at UMD, I will highlight just a few of the tinyist nuggets.

  • Did you know...?
  • ... that wild rice isn't a rice but the seed of a grass?
  • ... that wild rice has more protein, less fat, carbs and calories and more fiber than other rices?
  • ... The dirty dozen and 12 least contaminated fruits and vegetables. 
  • ... if a label says 100% organic it means all ingredients are organic
  • ... if a label just says "organic" it means that 95% of the ingredients are organic.
  • ... to save money, check out the bulk aisle where you can buy and try things in small quantities to see if you actually like it.
  • ... think ahead when preparing foods. Make additional amounts that you can plan into another meal tomorrow. That way you don't have to eat "left overs" if they don't do it for you, but you can save yourself some time in doing a little pre-prep. Extra noodles when making the pasta salad today can be tomorrow's tuna salad.
  • ... read your labels is the best way to know what is actually in your food. Remember, the front of the package is just a billboard.
  • ... using marshmallows that contain gelatin are not vegetarian.  (vegetarian marshmallows can be purchased or home made as an alternative.)
    (All information from Shannon, can be found in the co-op "all about" brochures or respective website link.)

Check out our event Wed April 10 from 10-11 in Kirby 355-357
Randy Hanson talks about the UMD farm and how you can get involved.

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