Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meet the Farmer Providing You Grass Fed Burgers at UMD

You know those awesome Grass Fed Burgers in the Center Court restaurant... and the Burger Hub upon request? Have you ever wanted to know more about them, where they come from and how the cows are raised?

Wednesday April 24th at 10 AM in Kirby 355-357 you will get your chance!
Troy Salzer's Sandy Hills Ranch in Barnum, MN. will be joining SHAC presenting in our workshop series.He'll tell us about his farm, the process the cattle are raised for optimum health and taste. He'll share the other goodies he is growing on the farm as well.

Get in touch with your food, where it comes from and who is doing the hard and wonderful labor so we can have a great tasting lunch.

Thank you Troy!

Judy B.

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