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Gluten Free Foods at UMD Stores

Gluten Free Foods at UMD Stores
This information collected by UMD's Dietitian and Food Coach Jean Rodvold and her fantastic intern.

You can reach Jean at  She is available for students staff and faculty for specific questions regarding food served at UMD, general and specific diet needs.

List accurate as of 4/11/13

Not Made in a Gluten Free Facility

Amy’s Frozen Entrées and Non-frozen Products

·         Tamale -  roasted vegetables

·         Tamale verde -  Cheese

·         Indian - palak paneer

·         Indian Vegetable Korma

·         Tofu scramble – Mexican

·         Tofu scramble

·         Enchilada – Spanish rice and beans

·         Enchilada – Cheese

·         Enchilada – Black beans and vegetables

·         Burrito – Non-dairy

·         Burrito – Cheddar cheese

·         Asian noodle stir fry

·         Bowls – Mexican casserole

·         Bowls – Teriyaki

·         Bowls – Brown rice and vegetables

·         Salsa

·         Chunky tomato bisque soup

·         Split pea soup

·         Lentil soup

·         Lentil and vegetable soup

·         Cream of tomato soup


Minute - Ready to Serve Rice

·         Brown rice

·         Brown and wild rice

·         Long grain rice


Rice Works Chips

·         Sea salt

·         Sweet Chili

·         Parmesan sun dried tomato

·         Salsa Fresca

·         Wild


Go Picnic Ready to Eat Meals

·         Sun butter and crackers

·         Turkey stick and crunch

·         Black bean dip and plantation chips

·         Turkey slices and cheddar

·         Hummus and crackers

·         Turkey pepperoni and cheese


Orville Redenbacher Popcorn

·         Kettle corn

·         Sharp white cheddar

·         Brown sugar cinnamon (pop crunch)

·         White and sharp cheddar mix (pop crunch)

Made in a Gluten Free Facility

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Fruit

·         Orchard blend

·         Cherry blend

·         Tropical blend

·         Apple blend


Rocky Mountain Popcorn*

·         Caramel

·         White cheddar

·         Cinnamon sugar

·         Jalapeno

·         Naked


Kind Bar

·         Fruit and Nut Delight


Pop Chips*

·         Parmesan garlic

·         Sea salt and vinegar

·         Barbeque

·         Sour cream and onion

·         Cheddar


Deep River Snacks*

·         Sweet Maui onion

·         Original salted

·         Mesquite Barbeque

·         Seal salt and vinegar

·         Salt and cracked pepper


The Better Chip*

·         Sweet onion

·         Fresh corn

·         Jalapeno
·         Red pepper


Bumble Bars

·         Varied Flavors

*certified gluten free          

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