Monday, May 6, 2013

"Toss the tray" in the name of sustainability!

Change is coming!
This Thursday May 9th, the Dining Center will be going trayless.
All day the trays will be removed from use*.

This event is designed to promote sustainability in our community and on campus by reducing waste.

Each tray that is not used saves 1/3-1/2 gallon of water.

Food waste is also reduced by an average of 1.2-1.8 ounces per meal per person.

Give it a chance and support sustainability!

*Trays will be available in special instances upon request and for those with disabilities.

The water saving statistics surprised me. 
I can certainly see how the lack of tray's might naturally influence our carrying capacity and adjust what we bring to our dining table.

What do YOU think?
Do you have any thoughts related to your experience eating in the D.C. on trayless days?
How did it change what or how much you chose to eat or took to your table? 
Did it change your consumption amount or the amount you threw away?

Share your thoughts!

Judy B.

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