Wednesday, September 18, 2013

UMD's Very Own Sweet Pea - Did you know UMD offeres a Sustainability Certificate??

Dedication to getting the word out about UMD's Sustainability Certificate!


Earlier this month UMD celebrated Food Day with tours, talks by those who work on the UMD farm and best of all veggies served at the dining locations grown at the farm. It's a great time to mention another way departments at UMD are working to broaden our opportunities for education around our food and food systems.  You may know that UMD offers both undergraduate and masters degrees in sustainability, but are you aware that Continuing Education offers a go at your own pace five-module  Sustainable Food Systems Certificate. Click here to check it out the details!

By the way...  - The UMD farm veggies served on UMD's Food Day were fantastic!
The corn was so tasty it needed no butter or seasoning!
Thanks SAP!

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