Wednesday, October 2, 2013

UMD students supporting sustainable living, good food and Lincoln Park Initiatives! GO GNARFOODZ!

Yes, I admit... it is a little bit lazy, or perhaps just utilizing resources... that's what they teach us anyway... , to re post a story from the UMD Statesman, but I really believe Gnarfoodz deserves a second go round and shout out.   


Why is that you ask??
  • A group of UMD students came together...
  • grew food in their yard
  • found other land to grow more food
  • made good stuff with that and other good food
  • inspired other community members to help them in their mission offering Gnarfoodz a hand. (more than they could use... GO DULUTH COMMUNITY!)
  • sold what they grew and made at farmers markets
  • Committed to the new Lincoln Park Farmers Market in west Duluth.
  • Helping to educate about food, health and sustainability!
Read the full story in the Statesman by clicking here.

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